Wireless Industry Partnership Launches

circlechart.jpgCaroline Lewko (perhaps better known to MobHappy readers as the tireless organiser of our West Coast Mobilist Gatherings) has just launched the Wireless Industry Partnership, which promises to be a great addition to the mobile networking world. Plus, MobHappy readers can get $100 of the first year of membership, so it’ll only cost you $200.

The idea behind WIP is to give companies working in wireless a series of online tools and resources to help them be more effective and reduce the time it takes to get products to market and enter into partnerships with suppliers, clients or collaborators.

The key tool is WIPConnector, which offers some classic networking tools within a directory format and some new ones too. Early results show some interesting and high profile companies are joining, so check it out.

Sign up (and make sure you connect with me) by going to:


And enter “mobhappy” in the Promo Code field to claim your discount.

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