Follow Ups

Back in July, I wrote a post that was widely commented on and struck an industry nerve about the high wastage that WAP Push was generating for some companies. Tom Hume, has an excellent follow up on this and shares some great advice.

I also wrote earlier this week about Friendster needing to go mobile if they are to get out of the rut they now find themselves in. Katie Fehrenbacher, writing over at GigaOm points to some recent comments by Friendster President, Kent Lindstrom, who says that the Philippines experiment has been a success and they’re looking to go mobile in the US too.

But then he kinds ruins it by saying “Mobile isn‚Äôt exactly our forte” and he’s looking to partner with a mobile expert to roll something out in the US. Is it me, or does that sound a little dismissive? Anyway, Kent, it better become your forte pretty damned quick, or you’re doomed, doomed, I tell ye.

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