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At MobHappy, we teamed with with the the guys behind Free News a while back to offer a mobile phone RSS reader. This allows you to follow our favourite blogs from your mobile.

So we thought we’d extend this popular service to include all our Mobilist friends too and offer a Mobilist Mobile RSS reader, consisting of the 14 most popular and active Mobilist contributors, who are (in strict alphabetical order):
C Enrique Ortiz

Darla Mack 

Golden Swamp 



Mobile Enterprise Blog 

Mobile Marketing & Spam  


Open Gardens  

Smart Mobs  


The Pondering Primate 

WAP Review 

Xellular Identity

Plus this blog as a bonus, so you can keep up to date with all the latest Mobilist news.

Many thanks to Carlo for co-ordinating this and working up the rather arcane scoring system he developed to determine who was included. This basically works by giving points for hosting a Carnival and also for writing for it, with hosting scoring more points. So if you’d like to be included when we next update this, volunteer for hosting duty or contribute more – pretty simple really. I would add that’s it’s hard to make the cut just from writing alone.

To host, write to Russell AT mobhappy DOT com, and say if there’s any weeks you aren’t available – check the schedule above for available dates.

Finally, before telling you how to download this marvel of modern technology….thank you again to the guys at Free News for making their very nifty product available to everyone.¬†

How to Download Your Free Mobilist Browser

It’s pretty simple actually. 

It’s pretty simple actually. Just point your phone’s browser to and download the application. Or if you’re a download-and-sych-to-your-phone kind of person, point your computer’s browser here, and if you need the Palm version, get it here. 

Most phones are supported, but it doesn’t work on Verizon and if you have a Treo, you’ll need to download Java . For a more complete guide to compatibility, click here. 

That’s it. We hope you enjoy your RSS Reader. Tell your friends! 


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