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That’s Yet Another Mobile VoIP Kludge (TM). Rebtel is the latest one to pop up, promising cut-rate international calls. Like others before it, it’s not particularly straightforward. It’s made up of two services. The first, REBout, has users establish individual local numbers for overseas friends. For instance, if I wanted to call Russell in Germany, […]

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MMS for the Technically Challenged

One of the hardest things for power users of technology (which includes all of you MobHappy readers) is to understand how most of the rest of the world uses technology. Sure, kids will pick up most things pretty quickly, like languages, sport, maths as well as tech, but most people simply get out of the […]

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Google Releases Mobile App Enhancements

Google Releases Mobile App Enhancements

While lots of people sit around and wait for Google to really make its big move into mobile search, it’s fairly quietly rolling out some pretty nify mobile applications and services. Today, its got an enhanced version of its Google Maps for Mobile, adding traffic information for 30 cities and some other nice touches, while […]

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Customer Service is an Opportunity, Not a Cost

One of my constant themes here¬†at MobHappy is that any customer interaction is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to increase satisfaction and loyalty, increase advocacy, increase usage of basic services, encourage usage of more services and ultimately decrease churn. It also makes your marketing costs more efficient as it costs significantly less to maximise revenues […]

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It’s A Mobile Life

Thanks to Helen, who sent in details of Carphone Warehouse’s Mobile Life project, which is certainly worth a look. If you’re not from the UK, Carphone Warehouse is the UK’s largest mobile retailer, so the report isn’t likely to suggest that the state of the future of mobile is anything but rosy. However, there are […]

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