Background Tones

india.jpgWay back in the late 90’s, we had that weird idea that people could personalise the sound their phone made when it rang. And so, perhaps the least expected billion dollar market emerged since err…sms a few years earlier.

So don’t scoff at background tones which are the happening trend in India, according to Mobile Entertainment¬†magazine. Background tones¬†are music that plays in the background while you are talking on the phone.¬† Cellebrum, the tech providers, say that they have over 1 million subscribers in India, with 3 million downloads and the typical pattern is to change tones once or twice a month.

It’s not just about music though, with many downloads being religious chants or devotional messages.

And if you thought Crazy Frog was annoying, try having a conversation with someone who forces you to listen their brand of religious proselytizing. On the other hand, if we have any Jehovah’s Witnesses in the house, this sounds exactly like your kind of thing.

And even better news for MobHappy readers who can’t wait¬†for this to come to Europe¬†- you don’t have to, if you already have a Symbian phone. I see the nice fellas at All About Symbian¬†will sell you a phone based app that does the same thing for $12.50. It’s a bargain if you ask me.

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Image from BBC.

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