Well, That’s Certainly One Way To Do Mobile Music


Geriatric rockers The Rolling Stones have hopped on board the mobile music train — sort of. Through a service called Listen Live Now!, fans will be able to listen live to their concert today in Paris via their mobile phones. And when I say via their mobile phones, I don’t mean some sort of streaming audiocast — they call in and get a feed from the mixing board piped across a standard phone connection to their handset. Sounds brilliant. But it gets better.

Users will be charged $1.99 for 7 minutes, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to simply buy the whole thing at once — so users who actually want to shell out the $40 or so to hear the whole thing will have to do it $1.99 and 7 minutes at a time. The Stones’ manager says the move will help deter bootlegging — seriously — and that “It’s passive income, and they’re helping fans enjoy the experience without affecting ticket sales.” Somehow I expect the “passive income” bit, rather than the “enjoy the experience” is what they’re focused on. But then again, when concert tickets are $150 or more, it’s not really about the music or the fans, is it?

Update: As Colby points out, the site says “On Friday July 28th at 3:00PM EDT (start time is approximate)”. What happens if they’re seven minutes late?

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