Porting Java Applications

A few months ago I wrote a piece about The Frustrations of Java, which you left a lot of comments about. My post was a rant about¬†what a bitch¬†Java Platform, Micro Edition (or J2ME as it used to be called) is to develop for, with a huge amount of work going into porting the application, once you’ve finished the initial build. In fact, I’d suggest that 20% of the work goes into the initial iteration of the code and 80% into the porting, which can be a shock for the uninitiated.

This is causing real pain in the market and where there’s pain, there’s opportunity. So it was interesting to hear from long-time MobHappy reader and fellow mobile veteran, Jon Beverley, who escaped to New Zealand a year or two back. His company sound like they’re on to something pretty big, at least to people who are involved in porting Java apps.

Innaworks¬†have developed a product called mBooster and they’ve been successfully signing up a whole bunch of big name game developers as first clients, who seem to be getting great results. This has resulted in significant savings in time and therefore money. As well as helping many engineers all over the world sleep at night and their commercial colleagues hit those deadlines that they foolishly promised prospective partners.

How it works is obviously way over my head. But the principle is that it reduces the size of the midlet JAR files, while simultaneously increasing the performance. This allows the developer to maximise the handsets the application runs on, with the minimum effort. And in some cases, the additional space can be used to cram a few extra features in.

Innworks claim to already be talking to most leading games developers, so if you’re one and you’re not talking, get in touch and put their claims to the test. If you don’t, your competitors could be enjoying a significant reduction in fixed overhead that will be denied to you.

But I know there’s thousands of you out there who are non-gaming Java developers and you face the same pain and heartache. Be nice to yourself and your team and check out what these guys can do. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

I’d be interested to hear any feedback anyone has over the Innworks solution and I’m sure other readers would welcome your insight – so please¬†leave a comment. And maybe send this post to anyone you know who looks haunted and goes around muttering about Java under their breath.

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