…And We’re Spending All Our Allowance On Mobile Content, Too

Following the previous post on SMS marketing taking off in the US, it looks like the mobile content market here is booming too, as Bango says its US consumer spend on mobile content in the second quarter was seven times higher than in the previous year. The company says that it’s both from users increasing their spending, but also from an influx of 100,000 new customers per week. That’s some staggering growth, not just in terms of spending, but in terms of new users as well.

I can’t find the release anywhere online, so here’s the relevant bit:

Bango, the mobile content enabler, announced today that consumer spend on mobile content in the United States for the first quarter of this financial year (April-June 2006) was seven times higher than for the same quarter last year (April- June 2005). In other parts of the world, consumer spend also increased. In the UK, spending was over 50-percent higher and other regions (Europe, Far East and Australia) saw end user spend four times higher than the same quarter last year.

The increase comes from existing customers continuing to buy more mobile content combined with an influx of new users – estimated to be at 100,000 per week – as content providers attract new consumers to their mobile internet services. The rising popularity of pay per downloads with their one-off charges, compared to subscription services where users are tied to regular monthly payments has also contributed to the increase in consumer spending.

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