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The Carnival is at World Wireless Forum

The 34th Carnival is at the World Wireless Forum, so hop over and have a read. In particular, don’t forget to vote for the best post of the month on the Carnival of the Mobilists Website. Go on, make a blogger’s day and they’ll win $250, courtesy¬†of the nice people at Khosla Ventures. If you’re […]

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Catching Up With Orb

I wrote about Orb back in April after CTIA, so it was good to catch up with Ian McCarthy, Orb’s VP, Product Marketing today. If you don’t remember the original post, Orb make a free app that sits on your PC that then enables you to stream anything you have on it to your mobile. […]

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Xero – We Told You So

Since Carlo is off taking a well earned break at the moment, I thought I’d take over as our resident Gizmondo/Xero correspondent to announce that the SEC is already investigating Xero, according to Moco News. Xero, in case you missed it, is the semi-pheonix operation that rose out of the insane Gizmondo company that was […]

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The Death of Intel

What would you think about a company in 1960 that decided to withdraw from the colour television market and focus on black & white TVs? Or a software company in 1997 that decided that this internet thing really wasn’t worth pursuing? Well, I think we’ll look back at Intel’s remarkable decision today in the same […]

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When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

UPDATE: Very funny video on the same lines here. Thanks, Mark. Please forgive this slightly off-topic post, but I think it has important lessons for any organisation with customers, and is therefore worthy of consideration. I came back from a week in Silicon Valley on Saturday morning, flying with Delta via Atlanta to Munich. A […]

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