World Cup Mobile Content


The World Cup kicks off in Germany on June 9, and beyond its importance in its own right (as well as a lovely summertime distraction), it’s going to be a huge piling-on point for mobile content, as developers and content providers try to capitalize on the excitement. Much of it, judging by past experience, will be crap, but give the general state of current mobile phones and content, there should be some interesting stuff.

So let’s separate the wheat from the chaff — have you seen any World Cup-related mobile content or applications that look good? There’s the “official” application, which looks like it could be pretty cool. What else is out there? Or will the acme of technology and popularity continue to be SMS score alerts?

Please share what you’ve seen in the comments, with links, availability and pricing info if you’ve got it. Bonus points for screenshots of real mobile TV services showing the tournament or the buildup to it 🙂

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