CTIA – Is Motorola Anything More Than A One-Trick Pony?

It’s been a busy few days here in Vegas with a lot going on, but there’s a few things that have leapt out. First was the announcement from Motorola on Tuesday of their latest phones — some new colors for the RAZR and an “upgraded” version that can take memory cards and supports stereo headphones. To echo a point others have made, is that it? The best handsets they can come up with for the biggest show in their home country are some more colors for the RAZR? Remember this follows 3GSM, where they didn’t announce anything of note either.

The RAZR’s been a runaway success, there’s no doubting that, and it set the thin trend that everybody else is now following. But the RAZR’s basically a fashion piece — people don’t buy it because of its outstanding features — and because it carries some air of luxury. But part of the appeal of luxury is a measure of exclusivity, and it’s hard to argue that the RAZR’s too exclusive these days. Is there anything to follow up the RAZR (apart from the big hit that was the ROKR)? The impression I got from Motorola at 3GSM was that they were going to ride the RAZR as far as they could, and I’ve seen little to change that idea. But when the RAZR fad dies, which it will, what’s next?

And this isn’t just a couple of phone dorks complaining — other, more mainstream observers are starting to notice as well. I wondered after 3GSM if the RAZR was the next StarTAC — a big hit that Motorola couldn’t follow up — and things are looking that way.

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