MobHappy Podcast

Just wanted to bounce an idea off you.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of listening to PodCasts, what with more travelling and the snow here finally melting, allowing a little jogging again. However, if you want to listen to tech or business ones, there’s very little choice outside maybe 5 or so I’ve found, like:

The Gilmour Gang
This Week in Tech
Chris Pirillo
The Mobile Media Show

So, first question, does anyone have any recommendations?

Secondly, Carlo and I were talking over getting into the Podcasting game in a small way. Our first service would be to make available a weekly audio version of the blog – in other words teaming up with someone who likes to play around with Podcasts, who would read what we’d written and make it avialble as an audio download.

While this might sound boring, this is pretty much how news is consumed on the radio and TV. And if you’re too busy to read MobHappy as much as you’d like, it could be an ideal way to get more of it, especially if the reader was good.

What do you think? Would you use it or is it a waste of time? Does anyone know if other blogs do this or have tried it?

Finally, if you fancy yourself as an aspiring Podcaster and want to give this a go, get in touch and you never know where it might lead.



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