When Your Mobile is Your Computer

I wrote last week comparing the mobile with the computer, concluding that for most things, the computer was still better. However, I also believe that our phones will turn into our computers and be our primary digital device.

Someone left a comment challenging me on this, which is great, as I love comments and the debate surrounding them. They pointed out that for some jobs, like desktop publishing or website design, a mobile screen and tiny little keyboard will just never hack it.

So let me explain more.

My vision is that our mobiles are going to morph into something like our digital, thin client, key to our digital data, as well as a communication device. Sometimes we’ll access that data directly, as it’s stored on our phones – much as we might keep games on there today. And some will be stored on the web, so we’ll use our phones as a way of accessing and unlocking this data.

And yes, sometimes, we’ll need to see that data on a larger screen and use more sophisticated tools to manipulate it – a keyboard and mouse and whatever comes next in that line. But rather than go to a computer, we’ll slot our mobiles into a docking port in a keyboard/screen combo. These already exist in early iterations, as I’ve written before.

But how about when you want to give a presentation, you’ll still need a laptop, won’t you? Actually, no. You’ll have the presentation on your phone, or stored on the web and accessed live with your phone. And you’ll plug it into a projector, specially made for the purpose.

Sound far fetched? Well, you can get a glimpse of that future with the Project-a-Phone – yours for a mere $199.

The only slight issue is that you still need to connect it to a computer in order to project your mobile phone’s screen, but hey, it’s a great start.

But it’s a definite boon to all of us who have to demo mobile phones, applications and games to more than one person at a time. Cool.

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