Okay, On 3, Everybody Make Up Something About the iPhone


The Apple iPhone rumor is played out. Unless you’ve got something real to show us, shut up about it. We’ve hit the point where even year-old rumors are getting recycled, and “analysts” are piling on with their own predictions in an attempt to look with it.

The latest comes from one saying the iPhone “Launch Is Imminent”, and that it will launch on the forthcoming Helio MVNO in the US because “There exists a relationship between Apple and Helio management that goes back to the ROKR iTunes phone” — yeah, that’s a great relationship to cite right there.

The next reason? The iPod and Helio share a target market — of course, so does nearly every other MVNO. The kicker? “Helio’s top rank executives have also publicly voiced frustration with mainstream carriers and appear to be on a crusade to radically shake-up the industry.” Sorry, I’ve been asleep for a while, but isn’t that the point of their MVNO model?

The analyst adds the device will be made in South Korea by an existing handset manufacturer (despite Apple’s use of Chinese and Taiwanese OEMs) and “will likely be as disruptive to the existing carrier market as the iPod was to the mobile music industry”. Adding VoIP capability will make it “even more disruptive to carriers”, just as will adding any more buzzwords. Of course, should you find the argument convincing, they’ll be happy to sell you their upcoming “Apple in Wireless” report.

In case you’ve got the few grand to burn, drop me an email and I’ll put together a bunch of links with all the net speculation and photoshopped images that’s got just as much chance of being right about things as this analyst. Probably even more so, since I’m not married to the Helio angle. Tell you what, if it will make you feel better to have a particular company or carrier tied to the iPhone, I can just make something up myself with some random justification, print it here on MobHappy, then include the link as well. Just for an extra 500.

The iPhone is coming. Maybe. And I’m enthusiastic about the possibility and excited to see what’s in store. But I want to know what Apple’s take on the mobile phone is, not some Mac fanboy with too much time on their hands, or an analyst firm trying to drum up some business.

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