PayPal And Mobile, A Week Later

PayPal last week took the wraps off its initial mobile offering, and as I pointed out, it held few surprises beyond the fact that it ignored mobile content — when they was the very place many people felt it would attack first, and could affect the most change.

Today, MocoNews point out a study that predicts huge growth in the mobile content market through 2010. The wild prediction isn’t remarkable, but rather its sponsor — PayPal. A PayPal exec is quoted as saying, “As new wave services such as wirelessly-delivered music files, movie clips and mobile TV are delivered to handsets, the levels of spend are likely to be spurred once again. The challenge will be in creating payment mechanism that means businesses can monetise their content without being entirely beholden to the mobile networks.” As Mobile Europe says, he’s talking about PayPal.

So no huge news or anything, just affirming that it’s a matter of when, not if, PayPal launches its mobile content offering.

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