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Operators Don’t Sell Internet Access

US operators are squashing Sling Media’s plans to let people watch their own content on their mobile devices, presumably because if people could buy a Slingbox and watch the stuff they wanted, they’d no longer (or never start to) buy the overpriced, crappy video content operators are trying to sell. This is so typical. Take […]

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Analyst Predictions, Or Just Making Stuff Up

Some analyst firm says there will be 10 million 3g subscribers in China this year, representing 2.2 percent of a subs there. There’s nothing outstanding there, apart from the simple fact that the Chinese government still has given no indication when it will award 3G licenses, and when carriers there will begin selling 3G services. […]

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Now Is The Time

If you’re a big brand looking to get in to mobile content, the time is now. The opportunity really hasn’t changed much over the last year or two (even with the advent of 3G), but perceptions have. Just look at CBS and News Corp., which today announced some mobile-content initiatives. CBS, on the one hand, […]

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BzzAgent’s Blogging Idea

BzzAgent’s Blogging Idea

Back in January, I wrote about the controversial company, BzzAgent and how they’d managed to raise $13.75 million in VC funding. One of my points that was that while word of mouth marketing was undoubtedly very, very powerful, paying people to spread the word defeated the whole point and undermined the credibility of the people […]

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Carnival of the Mobilists at gotomobile

Gotomobile has Carnival of the Mobilists 16, full of impressions from 3GSM and plenty of other good stuff. Be sure to check it out. [tags]carnivalofthemobilists, mobilists[/tags] —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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