You Didn’t Think The Gizmondo Story Was Finished, Did You?


True to form, more details are emerging on the spectacular Ferrari crash last week involving former Gizmondo CEO Stefan Eriksson. Police now say the Ferrari was traveling in excess of 160 miles and hour when it crashed, but they’ve also released several more juicy details that — of course — don’t paint the best picture of Mr. Eriksson.

First, apparently the Bank of Scotland says the car belonged to them. Unsurprisingly, they say the car was obtained through some fraudulent financing, so they’d repossessed it. Second, the car wasn’t street-legal, Eriksson had cleared the Enzo, along with another Ferrari and a Mercedes SLR (perhaps the other car reported to be in the race that led to the crash?), through customs only as show cars. The SLR has also been reported as stolen by Scotland Yard, says the LA Times. The Times also reports a magazine from a gun was found near the crash scene, and authorities believe it’s somehow connected, while they also plan to interview somebody they think may have been in the car with Eriksson (could it be the mysterious Dietrich?).

The comments from one Sgt. Phil Brooks of the Malibu Sheriff’s Department are interesting, too, telling Spong that it looks like Eriksson shipped the cars to the US to avoid the Bank of Scotland repossessing them, while adding his take on the whole situation and Eriksson:

‚ÄúI’ve gotten just about everything on him. The previous prison time, the $290,000,000 or maybe it’s a different figure, the Mafia ties ‚Äì even on some of his colleagues. Believe me, I’ve been taking calls from London, Sweden, everywhere on this. From the Gizmondo Caper…‚Äù And how does this look to Brooks? ‚ÄúThey duped them for all their money and walked out.‚Äù

Update: Wrecked Exotics has a slew of interesting coincidences involving the story of the crash, Eriksson and Gizmondo.

(Thanks to Jim Hughes for the link, photo from the LA Times)

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