Ping Rewards Launch Mobile Coupons

I just came across the new Ping Rewards, which sends sms coupons from advertisers to its opted in database of mobile owners in the US.

Regular readers of MobHappy will know that I used to be Sales & Marketing Director of just such an outfit five long years ago – ZagMe. While we hard a fair share of success (85,000 users and 1500 campaigns), ZagMe failed to attract further investment in the new climate post 9-11.

But ZagMe wasn’t prefect by any means and with this in mind I wrote a pretty comprehensive White Paper on the experience and the lessons we learned. My objective in writing was to prevent a new generation of entrepreneurs rushing into the space and making the same mistakes.

Shame Ping Rewards don’t seem to have read it. I wish them well of course and they have a much better chance as I think they have the timing right. However, it’s not a journey I envy them.

In particular, their decision to launch nationally in the US will prove a very significant challenge. People who sign up for the service will expect to get their coupons, for which they need a raft of relevant advertisers. This will not be an easy task to cater for the whole of the country.

Anyone who wants a free copy of the White Paper, drop me an email using the link at the right and I’ll whizz you one over, including if you work for Ping Rewards themselves. Get it now while it’s still free.

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