A New Low for Employee Tracking

I’m no great fan of the employee tracking business. If you think you really need to keep tabs on your employees to make them do their jobs properly, you should be looking at your own management style and employee relations.

In fact, studies have proved that these types of systems are counter-productive anyway. So any manager looking to use employee tracking is not only a poor manager by definition, he (I’m betting it’ll mainly be “he’s” unfortunately) is also stupid enough to be advertising that he can’t manage his people. How dumb is that?

We’ve also seen a few incredibly crass and insensitive remarks from the likes of cuddly Xora CEO Sanjay Shirole. Good ole Sanjay says about employees being not where theyǃÙre meant to be:

ThereǃÙs no electro shock ÇƒÏ yet

Ha Ha. What a wit.

Quite clearly, this industry isn’t attracting the brightest or most empathetic employees, but at least no one has started talking about “virtual concentration camps” – yet. Give ’em time though.

As if the industry couldn’t sink lower, they’ve resorted to spamming people to sell their products. Seriously, someone reckons that spamming will sell these systems to businesses. On the other hand, if their prospects are as stupid as they seem to be, maybe it’s a perfect strategy!

Here’s what they sent me. I’ve removed any ID, not to spare their blushes, but to withhold Google juice:

Dear Asset Manager, [RB sez: I’m not an Asset Manager by the way and the least they could have attempted is to personalise the thing]

Are you wondering where your drivers are?
Do you have the need to verify their routes?
Do you suspect that they are NOT showing up at the job site on time? Or maybe leaving early?

[RB sez: How tacky is that? Frankly, I don’t give a damn about people leaving early if they do their job properly. In fact, I’d ENCOURAGE them to leave early if they’ve finished for the day.]

“TRACKTACKY” is a new and innovative GPS TRACKING DEVICE that provides start / stop times, time at each job / location and will also verify your driver’s daily activity. “TRACKTACKY” is the size of a large pack of chewing gum and can be easily hidden inside the vehicle. It is battery powered, does not require any installation and can be transferred between all of your assets.

[RB sez: So it’s not enough that you TELL employees that you don’t trust them, this implies that prospects should track employees without their knowledge. Interesting to see how that stands up in court.]

“TRACKTACKY” is available for a low cost price with volume discounts available. There is [sic] NO MONTHLY AIRTIME fees.

Please take time to review “TRACKTACKY”. I am confident that this is an ideal low cost and cost effective [RB sez: Great! Low cost and cost effective!] alternative to knowing where your drivers and assets have been. I look forward to your positive response. Should you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Richard Dimwit

How much lower can this industry go? Sadly, I fear it’ll find a way to sink even further.

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