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Is This What It Takes To Get Reasonable Data Pricing?

Techdirt and Textually and several other sites have posted this story, but I wanted to weigh in as well. A 16-year-old boy in South Korea killed himself after running up a $3800 bill for mobile data services. Then, in response, the country’s top two mobile carriers, SKT and KTF, said they’d begin offering flat-rate data […]

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You Didn’t Think The Gizmondo Story Was Finished, Did You?

True to form, more details are emerging on the spectacular Ferrari crash last week involving former Gizmondo CEO Stefan Eriksson. Police now say the Ferrari was traveling in excess of 160 miles and hour when it crashed, but they’ve also released several more juicy details that — of course — don’t paint the best picture […]

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Ping Rewards Launch Mobile Coupons

Ping Rewards Launch Mobile Coupons

I just came across the new Ping Rewards, which sends sms coupons from advertisers to its opted in database of mobile owners in the US. Regular readers of MobHappy will know that I used to be Sales & Marketing Director of just such an outfit five long years ago – ZagMe. While we hard a […]

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I’m on the Train!

Whenever we have the misfortune to eavesdrop on a mobile phone conversation, it always seems to begin with a mundanity like “I’m on the train”. What the mobile user is actually doing is stating their location to the caller, as it contextualises the call for both of them and could well be an important framework […]

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Links for February 27

– Thinking outside the box (The Guardian) – Vodafone reaches turning point, but unsure of direction (FT) – Vodafone To Write Off Up To $49 Billion In Goodwill (cellular-news) – Qualcomm developing chips for rival TV technologyM (Reuters) – Geovector — point your phone at the cafe, and flirt with the barista (SiliconBeat) – Mobile […]

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