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2006 Predictions 9 and 10

9. Mobile TV and P2P video struggle again in 2006 10. Happy Slapping – more attacks and export potential Unfortunately, Happy Slapping has really gone mainstream in the UK now, with more and more attacks reported. Just in the course of the last month, we had our first celebrity Happy Slap on c-list, Myleene Klass […]

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2006 Predictions 7 and 8

7. MVNOs will gain in popularity, with new services announced and launching regularly. But the thinning of the herd will also begin, with at least one high-profile casualty before the end of the year. 8. RIM will take it on the chin, even if it comes out of its patent suit okay. Push e-mail will […]

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2006 Predictions 5 and 6

2006 Predictions 5 and 6

How are we doing so far? Don’t forget to leave a comment. 5. Ringtones implosion accelerates, as one of the shortest boom and bust cycles becomes clear to all. 6. Gizmondo withdraws from handheld gaming sector. Gizmondo must be one of the big failures of 2005 and I’m really, really (no, really!) puzzled as to […]

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2006 Predictions 3 and 4

3. 3G won’t kill Wi-Fi, WiMAX won’t kill 3G. There will be no killing of rival radio technologies. 4. Operators will still struggle to find the key selling points of 3G. Mobile operators are still struggling to figure out what to say when customers ask why they should switch to 3G. Video calling failed miserably […]

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2006 Prediction 1 and 2

Welcome to MobHappy’s 2006 Predictions! While Carlo and I are away, chilling out, we’ve written these for your entertainment. While they’re a bit of fun on one level, we also take them quite seriously and if previous years are a guideline, we’re not bad at them. If we score a point of every right one, […]

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