The Value Of Cameraphones


I’ve talked before about how cameraphones are proving their social value, whether it’s as sousveillance tools, or empowering stupid criminals, or how they’re helping supplant actual memories with digital ones. But, I’m fairly convinced I’ve been missing the real value of cameraphones: to provide evidence to our friends for otherwise unbelievable anecdotes.

I say this after taking the photo above with my phone last night, as some random guy decided he needed to show my friends and the tattoo he’s had inked from his shoulder blades down to the back of his knees, which involved not just taking off his shirt, but dropping his pants (in the middle of a bar’s patio) as well.

Full story and marginally NSFW image after the jump.

So I’m enjoying some beers on the patio of a bar last night with a couple of friends, when some guy comes up and starts talking to us. Eventually, he gets up to leave, asks if we like tattoos, rips off his shirt and does a few hip shakes to drop his pants, revealing the huge tattoo you see here. Stunned, but not immobilized, I grabbed my phone and snapped the photo (gotta love how quickly Sony Ericssons switch to camera mode by just sliding the cover open).


So, now, it’s immortalized, proof that it wasn’t something imagined in a drunken haze. And, of course, thanks to MMS and email, it’s made its way throughout Austin by now.

By the way, the guy seemed to have some strong objection to taking the tattoo any lower on his legs; however, his next step will apparently be “getting the front filled in”. Judging by how, uh, deep some of those drawings on the back go, I’d say that’s gonna hurt a bit.

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