MMA Finally Condemns Bluespamming

Justin Pearce* writes in New Media Age about the UK’s Mobile Marketing Association finally coming out against Bluespamming – 6 months after we wrote that it was illegal. I wonder what took them so long to decide that sending unsolicited messages was in clear breach of European privacy directives and meant to be against everything they stand for?

Filter, the main company behind these BlueSpam campaigns, have always argued that they are in compliance with the Directive, despite the fact that sending someone a message saying “Oi, can we send you a message please?” is just as much spam as as offering Viagra or Penis Enlargement advertisements. The fact that I may choose to have my Bluetooth settings on my phone as Discoverable is not consent to getting spam, anymore than owning a computer is indicating that I am happy to be sent unsolicited emails.

Better late than never, I guess – which might be a very nice motto for the MMA to adopt actually.

Meanwhile, in a similar vein, German Trend-following site, has been following our coverage of this and polled its readers.

Of the 708 people who responded 62% have a mobile with Bluetooth, 19% have it switched on, as a rule and visible whilst 54% have it switched off. Most interesting of all, 81% consider this form of advertising as “Bluespamming” which loosely coincides with the Coldplay numbers, we wrote about, where 85% of recipients rejected the “come on” message. Only 9% thought advertising this was was “gut” (not a typo – German for good!).

So if you are still tempted to use Bluespamming, either in flagrant breach of the law, or because it’s legal in your country, my advice is don’t. Pissing off 85% of recipients just doesn’t make any sense.

* See Justin? I do link if there’s something to link to 🙂

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