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One Thing Mobile Search Is Not: Cheating On Your Spouse

Russell’s had a lot to say lately about mobile search and its implications and implementations. Mobile information company 4INFO’s got a great post on its blog about how people have been using its services… but it’s not exactly what you think. Somebody somehow managed to confuse the 4INFO shortcode (44636) with another persons, and sent […]

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Key To Reducing Churn — Moblogs?

A company’s come out with a new study saying that moblogs can reduce churn by 70%. Of course, the company behind the survey sells moblogging software, so I’m a little skeptical. I can’t imagine that moblogs would give people a reason to stay with a particular carrier ahead of other things like pricing, coverage or […]

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Here Kitty, Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty

GPS Tracks have launched their GlobalPetFinder, which does what it says on the tin – enable pet owners to find their pets. GlobalPetFinder works by attaching a 5 oz device (140 grams if you’re a. modern b. non-American) to the pet’s collar. This enables owners to track their pets and monitor the temperature of the […]

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Links for November 29

– Orange, Cingular, team up to sell to international business customers (Cellular-News) – Oh look, an IP mess, in mobile, nonetheless (The Register) – T-Mobile boss slams mobile Internet cynics (ZDNet) – Have Vodafone shares become like that of a utility? (CNN Money) – 3 Italy buys a TV station —–>Follow us on Twitter too: […]

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The Value Of Cameraphones

The Value Of Cameraphones

I’ve talked before about how cameraphones are proving their social value, whether it’s as sousveillance tools, or empowering stupid criminals, or how they’re helping supplant actual memories with digital ones. But, I’m fairly convinced I’ve been missing the real value of cameraphones: to provide evidence to our friends for otherwise unbelievable anecdotes. I say this […]

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