Comment of the Week

Julia Dimambro, the managing director of mobile porn provider Cherrysauce, had a nice comment this week in response to my skeptical post on the state of the industry. Take it away, Julia:

It’s interesting that the success or failure of adult entertainment on mobiles is often perceived from the writer’s personal views on the subject. A press release from Reuters in April this year stated pretty much the same thing. Adult on mobiles was more hype than fact and it wasn’t going to be one of the main revenue drivers. Then in the next sentence, it said that simple ‘pornographic’ (see the generalisation here!?) images and videos earned over 400,000 million dollars in 2004. Based on the mass-market popular handsets, the technical restrictions and the poor level of content itself that was available last year, I think that’s a pretty impressive indication of the demand for a single product type!

The objective now is delivering not only to that demand, but the consumer expectation of what it SHOULD be! The point that many are missing is that adult entertainment on mobiles should be DIFFERENT than in other media such as the Internet, DVD’s etc. Users interact with their mobiles in a totally different way than they do online and erotic consumers on mobiles have different requirements than gamers for example. (I could go on at length about the psychology of mobile erotica – It’s a lot more involved than topless wallpapers.)

I am also in agreement that statistical analysis is just that – analysis. It can ONLY be speculation, because we haven’t done it before. One thing I DO know is that since the beginning of 2005 demand for erotic products and content has gone crazy here at Cherry Media. Our distribution channels (i.e. where we license our mobile erotic products such as wallpapers, screensavers, video clips etc. to aggregators and operators) has increased over 85% in the last 6 months. This is via at least 20 global territories and includes many operator portals. Believe me it’s really starting to heat up! So whatever your personal opinion is about adult entertainment, it WILL be ‘one of’ the major revenue drivers on mobile. We are living it every day. We do no cold selling, very little marketing (and none, direct to consumer) and we have several enquiries every day wanting to distribute our content.

The adult mobile industry has been a little slow to take off, because of platform and network issues in ensuring that only adults could access it. This is now happening with the UK really leading the market.

Also, please keep in mind the following: Roughly 80% of the content we are distributing via distribution partners (based on their requests) is bikini or topless – in line with the lad’s mags available today. In our own direct to consumer channel (i.e. not reliant on operator on-portal requirements), where we have both glamour and adult, it’s almost the reverse – around 80% of our actual sales come from +18 content. What does that tell you? I would say it shows a discrepancy in what adult consumers actually want and what networks are willing to offer. This is why the operators will tell you it’s not the big seller on their portal. Probably not, why pay to download a image of a girl in a bikini when you can view it for free all over the TV, online and in the consumer media? If Adult mobile is NOT a killer app, it will be because users can’t find what they really want, specifically for mobile – and this is a HUGE range of soft, hard, funny, interactive, sexy, and seductive content and services. Not just hardcore porn galleries!

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