Happy Blog Day

Today is Blog Day, in case you missed it. A day to celebrate blogs and blogging everywhere.

The idea was thought up and promoted by Nir Ofir of SparkArmada blog and jolly good it is too.

There’s two components:

1. If you’re a blogger, list 5 blogs on your site that you enjoy and think your readers will too. Flatteringly, Nir recommends MobHappy in his 5 – thanks Nir!

It’s better if they’re newer blogs, or less well-known, as it would be frankly rather boring for everyone to recommend blogs you probably know about and read already.

I also haven’t included any of the 14 Essential Blogs available on our Free RSS Reader for your mobile.

2. Tell a non-blog reader about blogging – just send them a link by email to a site you think they’ll like.

I’d also add a third point – why not switch to subscribing to your favourite blogs by RSS, if you don’t already? A blog reader like BlogLines is free to download and very easy to use. See what Seth Godin wrote yesterday.

OK, here’s my 5 blogs in alphabetical order (pause for much head scratching):

Alfie’s Blog – Alfie Dennen is the man behind a top UK moblogging site and OrgasmaTones. Always an interesting snippet or two or some original point of view.

– Long live the niche! This site just writes about unusual Bluetooth stuff, with narry another headset review in sight.

Distraction Culture
– Mark Curtis has been around the UK digital scene for ever and this is his blog. Always original, thought provoking and insightful. I’m interviewing Mark about his new book of the same name later this week.

Musings of a Mobile Marketer – Helen used to work with me at ZagMe and has carried on with hands-on mobile in the UK. This makes her a veteran of the mobile scene. Her informed observations and ability to "see it like a user" make her required reading for mobile marketing enthusiasts.

Pasta and Vinegar – Quirky kind of art-meets-academia-meets-location stuff.

Sorry if you didn’t make, but I deliberately selected the smaller guys, for a change. And sorry if you’re included and a actually a mega-blog blogger – no disrespect intended. I just used the number of BlogLines subscribers as a rough, rule of thumb size measure.

So there we go – Happy Blog Day to you!

Update by Carlo: I’ll stick mine here, too. These things have gotten more difficult now that I’m working with some of my favorite writers, like Russell here and Mike Masnick at Techdirt. I’ll try to stick to Russell’s rules and post some perhaps lesser-known favorites:

Jan Chipchase – Future Perfect – With fear of misdescribing what exactly it is Jan does, his blog features photos from around the world showing how people use their mobile phones and how mobility is working its way into society — generally in interesting and/or unexpected ways.

Lifeblog – Charlie Schick – Charlie was te marketing manager for Nokia’s Lifeblog product until recently, and his blog was sort of focused on it, but as he’s poking around looking for his next project, it’s become much more generalist on mobility and marketing. But that generality hasn’t made his blog less interesting, it’s made it even more so.

Line of Site – Steve works for Feedburner, so he’s got consistent insights on RSS and mobile, which is handy. He’s also got good taste in music and is a soccer fan, which helps too.

Tom Hume – I’m breaking one of Russell’s rules by including somebody in our top 14, but I really like Tom’s blog. It’s the perfect combination of very focused writing and interesting links.

PinkDome.com – Covers Texas politics with all the snark they deserve. So named PinkDome for the pink granite used to build the capitol building.

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