Seriously, What Are They Thinking?

I’ve made my thoughts on the iTunes phone, particularly how it’s set to underwhelm, pretty clear. Now it’s come out that September 7 is supposed to be THE day it gets launched (though I wouldn’t hold anybody to that). But, the phone’s getting suckier and suckier.

The day started with a piece from the WSJ saying Cingular would sell the phone, then Engadget said they’d heard it would only hold 100 songs, lest it steal away iPod Shuffle sales. Now, Forbes is saying it will be capped at 25 songs. Regardless of how big a memory card’s put in the phone, the software apparently will recognize just 25 songs. I’m taking this with a grain of salt: it seems to ridiculous to be true (perhaps even the 100 songs limit), but then again, this whole episode’s been ridiculous.

This phone is going to be a disaster, and stands to do more damage to all the brands involved than it stands to gain from whatever few sales they make. Apple’s been fiercely protective of the iPod brand, so it’s surprising to think they’d let a phone carrying it be so poor. It makes me wonder, again, just how much Motorola’s paying Apple for the privilege.

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