Cameraphones: Empowering Stupid Criminals Everywhere

Picture 4.png

Following yesterday’s update on the subway perv, two more examples of criminals being exposed via mobile phones popped up this morning:

– A New York man has been able to give police images of the guy that stole his phone after the thief unknowingly uploaded all the photos he took of himself, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s rear end to a Sprint web account. Apparently whenever a picture’s emailed off a Sprint phone, it gets cc’ed to the web account, so the phone’s owner was easily able to track down the thief, who then obligingly responded to one of his emails with his real name. Smart.

– While this one doesn’t involve a cameraphone per se, it’s pretty amusing as well. The MoDaCo Windows Mobile enthusiast site recently had a meetup in the UK, and Orange had donated a phone for them to raffle off. Before they could give it away, somebody swiped it. Not figuring how stupid it would be to steal a phone from a bunch of phone geeks, he was pretty easily tracked down when he tried to unlock the phone to use it on a carrier other than Orange. Nice one, Einstein.

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