Comment of the Week – from Chris

In response to my completely unprovoked attack on the advertising industry earlier in the week (42% of Advertising Executives are Dim, finds McKinsey Research), Chris of Aerodeon, a veteran mobile marketing company in the UK, took a slightly more reasonable approach in his comment of explanation.

Thanks Chris for the comment of the week:

Because ad execs make most of their revenue from TV advertising – the sums
involved are thousands of times the magnitude of the typical mobile marketing
campaign – it’s a sad fact that they are recommending media that supports their
bottom line and not the clients objectives.

For all the talk of the death of TV
advertising – there is still no better way to communicate your brand to a mass
audience and influence consumer buying behaviour in a short period of time to a
national population – this will change with fragmentation of TV but the process
isn’t going to happen as fast as everyone believes.

The mobile industry may want
ad dollars that are destined for TV to be rerouted to to SMS/WAP campaigns but
consumers needs to catch up too. I think mobile will be very important part of
the mix and we’ll see it commanding more and more share of digital budget every
year from here on in, but TV won’t go away – its just too damn effective for
brand Goliaths who want to hit 10 million people in a 30 second spot.

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