Welcome Carlo

When I made the decision to “go it alone” last week with this blog, that’s exactly what I thought I was doing – going it alone.

But it so happened, that with only a few days notice, the highly respected editor of TheFeature was in Munich last weekend (seeing Siemens) and we arranged to meet for a beer (or four). I’ve known Carlo Longino until then only via the occasional email.

However, I’ve also known Carlo as someone who was totally on the same wave length as me when it comes to writing about mobile technology. Many a time I have started to write a post, only to find it has already been written comprehensively by Carlo (or equally often by Mike Masnick at TechDirt and regular contributor to TheFeature). I know that they found themselves beaten to the post by me, on occasion too.

Not many people know that TheFeature’s owner was Nokia. While they never interfered editorially or tried to set the agenda in any way, they felt that it was important for the industry to host quality writing and debate. They have now decided that TheFeature’s work is done and are shutting it down. While this is very sad for the industry, I respect Nokia’s decision and indeed, their foresightedness in starting the venture in the first place.

But I’m delighted to say that this also leaves Carlo free to join MobHappy, as my partner. We want to continue the best traditions of TheFeature of quality comment and opinion on everything happening in mobile technology. As both Carlo and I have always tried to do, we want to bring you the news that matters and try and analyse why it matters. And we have a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of both the US and European markets, respectively.

We really hope you’ll enjoy MobHappy and become active in your comments and vociferous in your opinions. If you’ve got ideas for article you’d like to see – or even write yourself – please email us or leave a comment. Oh – and don’t forget to pass the word to friends and colleagues who might like it here too, please.

Because this has all happened rather quickly, we’re stuck with pretty basic design and functionality right now, for the site. This will be improved in due course, but if you notice anything you’d like us to change, please feel free to point this out.

Anyway, enough navel gazing and back to writing. We really hope you enjoy MobHappy.

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