Overwhelmed and Del.icou.us

One of the things that stops non-bloggers from blogging is the old “what will I blog about?” chestnut. They’re concerned that they’ll start with a bang and end, a few days later, with a whimper.

While many blogs do end ignomiosuly within days, I can’t help feeling it’s down to motivation rather than not knowing what to write.

I find I’m completely overwhelmed with material – if the world stopped for the next two months and I devoted myself to 18 hours a day blogging, I’d still have plenty to write about.

Plus I frequently have to skip 100’s of posts from favourite and important blogs.

This is actually quite frustrating, as I sometimes have to skip commenting on stories that I think you’ll find interesting. And I don’t often feature important stories at all, if I have nothing new to add, as I figure you’ll pick them up elsewhere.

So I thought that I might start publicising my link at del.icio.us where I simply tag stories I think you’ll like, but I haven’t really got anything to add to them or, at least, time to add anything to them.

If you don’t know about Del.ico.us, don’t worry – all will become clear. But you should check it out as it’s an important tool. Have a play and change your life šŸ™‚

The question is; would you have time to read them? Leave a comment and let me know.


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