Last Night’s Munich BlogFest

Thanks to everyone who came to Munich’s first (world’s first?) BlogFest last night. There was a nice mix of bloggers and would-be bloggers who turned up. And thanks for being prepared to speak in English, for my benefit!

It was really interesting to meet the local talent, exchange ideas and just hang out in the balmy Summer evening. Even some Podcasters turned up!

I didn’t get the chance to speak to everyone, but some interesting blogs were: – started in November last year and already number 22 in Germany. It’s run by about 10 “citizen journalists” and just covers local news and issues in Munich. Patrick and Matthias.

Thomas is a “proper” journalist as a day job, working for a leading computer magazine. I like it when journalists join the blogging conversation instead of going into denial. Even if blogging is a threat to journalism, ignoring it, simply isn’t a smart strategy. The link above is to his private blog. The professional one is here.

Our Podcasters were Kathrin and Arik (if I can read my writing) who work for and write AudibleBlog, a publisher of audio books here in Germany. I guess this makes them a very natural Podcaster, but well done for seizing the opportunity.

We’re planning to have another meeting in September, if anyone wants to come along. By which time the German blogging scene should have grown somewhat.

Patrick also tells me that Nico Lumma of is organising another meeting for bloggers in Munich. Details here. Nico probably knows more about the German Blogosphere than anyone, as tracks it and provides extensive stats.

PS And of course, no one did turn up in lederhosen. Oh well, maybe next time, I’ll wear mine.

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