European Blogosphere

Loic Le Meur, Six Apart’s top man in Europe, has been trying to find more about the European Blogosphere – which is fiendishly difficult to do, actually.

However, his Wiki makes very interesting reading and starts to shed light in the darkness. As a leading EuroBlogger myself, I’d ask you to check it out and contribute if you can help add to the knowledge.

You can drill down to country level and find out more, but it’s all pretty anecdotal stuff.

I think the Blogosphere is desperately short of good analytical tools for bloggers. Once simple thing, for instance, would be an RSS Reader Aggregator. This could take the leading RSS Readers (BlogLines, FeedDemon etc) and provide you with one aggregated stat as to how many people subscribe to a blog.

Maybe this exists already?

Even better, this would add itself to stats showing blogs by visits and links. Links are interesting, but for me, I want to know how many readers I have, not how many other bloggers link to me. And I’d like that info for other blogs too.

I know that this is difficult to do, but in these days, surely there must be a way. Then after lunch, perhaps you can find a cure for cancer…..

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