Advertisers Want Blogs

According to research behemoth, Forrester, 64% of respondents to their recent survey said they are interested in advertising on blogs, 57% through RSS, and 52% on mobile devices, including phones and personal digital assistants.

While this is good news for bloggers (whoopeeee, we’re going to be rich, rich I tell ye!!) I’m sceptical that 64% of advertisers even know what blogs are, let alone WFT RSS is.

I often have to explain to people who should be in the know exactly what blogging is. This includes people in mainstream marketing, PR and advertising and recently a senior honcho in a digital media buying agency said “I had no idea that blogs were that big” when I said I had 80,000 readers a month. And I’m only a middle ranker.

Overall, online ads are increasing by 23% per annum.

Story: ZD Net via John Battelle’s FM Publishing, who got it from Lockergnome.

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