Verizon, Clear Channel To Offer Concert Footage

US carrier Verizon Wireless and radio and concert behemoth Clear Channel say they’ll team up to offer concert footage on Verizon’s EV-DO “V CAST” service. What they’re calling the Encore Channel will show broadcasts from concerts (presumably at CC-owned venues) a couple days after the event for a week at a time. The press release linked above has a schedule through the end of the summer, and it’s pretty stacked. The PR isn’t totally clear, but it reads as if it will be video content. Also, access to the channel will be included in users’ monthly V CAST access fee.

This is an interesting proposition, and supports the idea that with its gigantic holdings in radio and concerts, Clear Channel could emerge as a significant player in mobile music. While the young space needs somebody to champion early efforts, the impact CC has had on radio and the greater American music landscape hasn’t been too positive, so hopefully the same won’t happen here.

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