School Girl “Hostage Phone”

I was chatting to a 13 year old daughter of one of my friends over the weekend. She goes to a boarding school not far from here, complete with Harry Potter style dormitories.

When they go off to bed, they have to place their mobile phones in a big, locked strong box to stop them smsing/phoning/playing games and every other thing you can use a mobile for these days. And they collect them in the morning.

The interesting thing is that it’s not an excuse to say that you haven’t got a mobile – it’s just not credible.

It’s also strange that the teachers don’t seem to have thought about all the second phones the girls keep, just for this purpose. It’s last year’s model that gets locked up overnight, leaving them free to use the new one all night if they wish.

So first we had the shag phone. Now we have another example of why someone might want two phones – the Hostage Phone.

I wonder if there are any more examples of two phone ownership…

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