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Porn 4 UR Mobile

Porn 4 UR Mobile

One of my predictions for 2005 was a boom in “adult” mobile content. It might be obvious, but plenty of pundits disagree citing small screens, poor image quality and asking why anyone would pay for something so readily available on the web? Well, it might indeed seem counter-intuitive but there is an underground culture emerging. […]

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Carnival of the Capitalists – Part 1

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists, which is my privilege to host for the second time. I’ve just come back from a week’s skiing in Austria to find over 50 excellent entries in the carnival’s mail box. While I’ve duly read and mulled over each of them, I can’t help thinking that it’s […]

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iTunes Phone Delay — The Plot Thickens

There’s not really anything too new in this AP story about the delay of Motorola’s iTunes phone that hasn’t been covered before, bar one significant new development (that I guess really shouldn’t be too surprising): some major content providers — including Disney — are so scared of file-sharing they won’t let operators deliver content to […]

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MGM vs Grokster

There’s plenty of news around on the MGM-Grokster case which goes before the US Supreme Court Tuesday. But what are the implications for the mobile music space? The real danger, just as in the wider digital music space, is that it will stifle innovation. The mobile platform offers so many possibilities for compelling services — […]

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High Interest In On-Demand Media

A study released last week (38-page PDF alert) indicates that Americans’ use on “on-demand media devices” (such as TiVos and iPods) is on the rise, with services like Internet radio, video-on-demand, mobile e-mail and Internet video growing in popularity. The old-media takeaway, as reflected in a radio trade pub, is that people are choosing these […]

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