Roxio To Retail Xingtone

Roxio, the maker of popular CD-burning software, says it will distribute Xingtone’s DIY ringtone software at retail outlets. Xingtone lets users take audio files on their computers and turn them into ringtones — functionality record labels are beginning to include on CDs as well.

DIY ringtone software and services could put a dent in ringtone sales, an area where consumers are likely getting tired of high prices and questionable selling practices. Got an e-mail today about WeNeedTunes, a free Web site/service that lets users upload their music and then converts it to mobile-friendly formats for a number of different handsets. The site also plans to add video and image functionality in the future.

These things that let users format and transfer media they already own to their mobiles will become more prevalent as the demand for personal mobile media grows. For the time being, it’s independent efforts outside the scope of operators or media companies that are set to capitalize on it.

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