Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W and Samsung’s SGH-I300

Uber mobile phone user, Darla Mack has a review of the new wireless keyboard from Nokia on her blog. Check it out.

What’s interesting to me is that this is a look at the future of the thing that used we used to call a mobile or cell phone.

As our mobile devices become more powerful, they’ll replace our laptops and desk tops. You’ll carry your device everywhere, much as you do your mobile today. And you’ll do everything on it that you used to do on your PC.

Much of the usage will be of the naked device itself. But for more intensive use or data input, you’ll dock it with a keyboard like this and maybe a bigger screen too.

Such docking stations will be ubiquitous in the workplace and in public places, much the same as phone boxes used to be too.

“Whoa!” I hear you cry. “My laptop has 20 Gigabytes of data on it! I know hard discs are subject to Moore’s Law and all that, but one that small in dimension won’t be able to store that much.”

There’s two answers to that.

Firstly, even Microsoft will have to start getting to grips with writing software that takes up less space. Less is more and all that.

Secondly, and actually much more importantly, we have web services. We’ll store out huge email files on Google. Our photos on Flickr. Our “to be read” files on BlogLines. Our music streamed from LastFM. Our Word and PowerPoint documents – where? Now there’s an opportunity!

So we won’t need Gigs of space, even though they’ll probably be available within a few years – Samsung’s latest (SGH-I300 for you model freaks) phone already has 3GB of storage if you want to be quaint and old fashioned and carry everything with you.

Remember today. St Patrick’s Day 2005. It’s when you heard the sound of a nail thudding into the desk top’s coffin.

Now, I wonder if I can find Guinness in Germany?

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