Cabir Virus “Infestation” in Australia

Yet another non-story about a mobile virus, following last week’s non-story about the US.

ZDNet reports an “infestation” in Australia now.

But, it was only on one phone. In my book, “infestation” normally implies at least several occurrences, but let’s let that go, for now.

However, the guy who spotted it is the CEO of a software company, called Bullant Software. Among other things, Bullant make a mobile service delivery platform. They are a partner of SimWorks, who (you guessed it) provide anti-virus software for mobile phones, including the Cabir. Spot a vested interest here?

By the way, this isn’t a brilliant piece of investigation and deduction – it’s all in the press release, sorry, I mean ZDNet story.

But it gets worse. This CEO (who we’re meant to trust to sort out our enterprise quality software) says that after being asked if he wanted to install the virus:

“Somehow, I’m not sure whether I pressed yes or no but it ended up in my handset. When I rebooted my phone, the anti-virus software said I have a virus and asked me whether I want to delete it from my inbox,” Wooldrige said.

OK, we all make mistakes and press “yes” when we mean “no” – let’s be generous. Although if I sold software installations for a living, I’m not sure I’d admit it, quite so readily.

But what Mr Woolridge doesn’t say, is that he’d have to do that 3 times in order to install the thing. There’s a mistake and then there’s incompetence bordering on the crass stupidity and that’s what he’s admitting to here.

But phew! The virus was then “easily neutralised by the mobile antivirus product on Wooldridge’s phone” Any guesses whose mobile antivirus product Mr Woolridge might have installed on his phone. Might it rhyme with BimWorks?

And this non-story gets worse again. Apparently, it’s not the first time Cabir has got rampant in Oz. Last year, SimWorks received a report of another outbreak around a Sydney station:

“Although we investigated it, we never managed to confirm if it was true. I expect there would be other unconfirmed instances around where people really donÌt know what it is about and how to get rid of it,” he [SimWorks’ CEO Mr Aaaron Davidson] said.

Is that so, Mr Davidson? Sounds like us mobile phone owners should cancel our Australian holidays right now. Thanks for the warning.

Or, I guess, maybe we could always protect ourselves and buy your product! Why didn’t you just come right out and write that in your press release? Don’t leave us in danger of misunderstanding your subtlety here, please.

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