Prediction 6

My Predictions for 2005 continue:

6. DRM Rises up the agenda

DRM continues to dominate the conversation and will continue to do so.

However, it’s pretty obvious these days that all DRM is doomed and content owners need to live with that and adjust their business models accordingly.

Every time a foolproof DRM system is launched someone cracks it within 24 hours and tells those that want to know all about it. Some of these fools can be darn clever 🙂

Read Cory on DRM for more.

On a music related note, I thought this snippet from Umair Haque (via Om Malik and Emergic) was interesting:

But my money is on clubs becoming music distributors/retailers – when you go to a club, you can get the DJ set or selected tracks beamed into your player. This is a natural evolution for clubs, the most iconic of which (Tresor, Ministry) have evolved naturally into labels with dedicated shops. There are huge synergies here – we go to clubs to hear the tracks DJ’s have selected – that’s the value they add. But we don’t get to consume them later without incurring significant additional cost (ie, tracking down the right tracks on the right CDs at the right record stores). Eliminating this additional cost creates huge gains for consumers.

The image, in case you’re wondering is the logo of Soul Seek, the free file sharing platform, without any insidious, evil spyware. As recommended by DJ Dangermouse. I’m not suggesting that Soul Seek condone anything like DRM busting or anything illegal, by the way.

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