LBS in crisis

According to local news, the governments in Sweden and Finland have together with local carriers come up with a system so they can send information (whom to contact, meeting points, etc.) to all citizens in the crisis area in Asia. This really is a brilliant idea, as reaching thousands of lost and separated people is otherwise really hard.

I wonder how long it will take before governments start to require this kind of readiness from carriers at all times, as the implications of having a system like this in place are really huge. As networks cover an ever increasing percantage of the whole earth (and an ever increasing percentage of the population carry a phone with them, even in un-developed countries), this must be the fastest and cheapest way reaching almost everybody in any given geographical area. Had a tsunami warning system been in place in the Asia crisis area, many lives would have been saved. Had it been hooked to the GSM network, even more lives would probably have been saved. Hopefully we’ll see a coordinated effort to make this happen throughout the world.

Other examples of cell-phone pin-ponting in the Asia crisis area can be found here.

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