Cheap Calls Abroad from your Mobile

I spotted an announcement about UKÌs BTÌs Callwise on My Symbian, which seems to be a very soft launch of a very big idea. Why the low key approach I wonder?

Callwise allows you to download an application onto your Symbian mobile phone. Then, using your normal address book, call a number abroad from any network and save yourself up to 95% of the call charge. For instance, a 6 minute call on Vodafone to the US costs an iniquitous £7.74 ($14.72) and only 30p ($0.57) with Callwise. O2 on Australia costs £5.94 ($11.30) and similarly 30p with Callwise.

Also cool is that youÌre not signing an open ended cheque to your operator when you make a call. Before the call is put through, youÌre told the per minute tariff and get a total call charge at the end.

While cheap mobile calls abroad have been around for ages, this is far easier to use as the application does it for you. All you need do, is select the contact from your address book that you want to call. Thus, the application mimics standard mobile usage.

Also pretty cool is the facility to send the application by SMS or Bluetooth to colleagues and friends. A nice viral element.

I think that this is what my fellow collaborator on other projects, Nick Hancock, has been working on with BT and has been characteristically cagey about. IÌll see if he can speak about it next time we touch base for a little Q & A session.

But this little application could make a significant impact on one of the huge margin profit centres that the operators have Ò the rip off tariffs they charge for phoning abroad.

UPDATE: It was Nick. This is his website.

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