Video on Demand on 3G Launch

MX Telecom announced last week that they have launched a neat concept for the UK’s 3G phone networks (Vodafone, 3 and Orange).

Users can call a Premium Rate or non-premium short code number and access streaming video at the pre-determined charge, that can be pre-recorded or live. Streaming allegedly gets round DRM issues (I’m sure it’s not that hard to hack a way of recording it).

The presser release is here.

Now all they need is some content people actually want to view.

The “adult” industry is the obvious one – or steaming video. Viewing existing porn or chat partners.

I was musing the other day that the phone chat industry might have to have a significant shake up. The great thing about phones is that the person you’re paying to talk to can be ….err shall I say, not necessarily to your taste in the looks department. But in the punter’s mind, they’re gorgeous hunks/babes.

But with video, all is revealed.

It’s the reverse of the old silent movie issue when it transferred to talkies. Many silent stars had awful voices and never made the cross over. With telephone porn, it’ll be many of the phone stars have great voices, but but won’t make the crossover.

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