Cameraphone Pics Printed at Boots

Nokia and the retailer, Boots* have announced the launch of Pixology’s PhonePrint technology in the UK. This allows you send your photos taken on your camera phone to Boots, over the mobile network.

They then print them for you and SMS you when they’re ready to collect.

I’m not sure how they work out which branch you want to collect them from, but I’m sure there’s a way.

This is quite cool, but I’m not entirely sure people use camera phones like this. I think they tend to use the phone as a kind of digital photo album.

Personally, I take loads of photos which I then IR to my laptop and email to people or just put them on Flickr. It never occurs to me to print them – that’s old tech.

No info on cost either, which is always pretty important.

Story Source: DM Europe.

* Boots is a UK high street retailer of errr….lots of things really. Half the problems they are currently having is that you can’t really say what they do. They started out as a Chemist/pharmacy back in the mists of time. But expanded into all kinds of related and unrelated areas, including photography, eye surgery and even a new line of sex toys. That’ll attract the family trade then.

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