Rate My Teacher + Reputation.

Apprently taking off big time in the US is RateMyTeachers.com, which does what it says on the tin.

Pretty scary if you’re a teacher, I’d have thought. Especially as effectiveness doesn’t always equate to niceness, as old Mr Bluminthrop used to say as he thrashed us senseless with a lead lined rubber cosh. Happy days 🙂

One of my kids’ teachers was talking about her “customers” in a recent Parent Evening, which it slowly dawned on me, meant “pupils” (at least they weren’t consumers!). Maybe, this is the reason why.

What’s next? Rate my boss?

Actually, there is a very serious point here. Reputation Management is a big opportunity if you can really crack the problem. Wouldn’t you love to have a resource that could easily check someone reputation online before doing business with them, hiring them or asking them to look after your kids?

It’s easier said than done, sadly. How do you stop is crack-taking, shitty ex-employee with an imagined grudge slagging you off as an employer? Or a dirty, double crossing, pig stealing arse-wipe from forging his own credentials as a great business partner.


But crack the nut and fame and fortune shall be yours for the plucking.

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