G2g P2P Mystery

Engadget confesses mystification over this little device, the GadgetyII Bluetooth P2P AV system.

Especially since the P2P part implies that to use it with another G2g, youÌd be communicating directly via Bluetooth, and thus you must be within BluetoothÌs distance. Which is basically the same room.

But the “same room” comment ain’t necessarily so. Bluetooth can be used up to 100m away and recent experiments have allowed a range of 1km. The reason that the range is normally only 10m is a power issue and if these guys have found a way round that….

Here’s what I’ve wrote in January about what I called Local Free Messaging.

Oh dear. More bad news for MMS. Kids are bluetoothing and IRÌing like crazy. Believe me, IÌve seen this happening and itÌs my job to know about stuff like this.

IÌm not just talking about Bluejacking, where the fun is not knowing who youÌre sending to and the fact that the victim doesnÌt know who you are. Bluejacking has got a lot of legs yet.

But sometime, itÌll change into a kind of local flirting/networking thing. But LFM is like a local file sharing movement. ItÌs free (content and messaging), itÌs P2P, you donÌt need special software installed (assuming your phone has the feature) and itÌs cool.

And kids are using it to swap their own pics, ringtones, images, wallpaper Ò you name it. The same way as SMS grew in spite of the operators, LFM is growing too. But thereÌs no revenue model for operators and indeed, no way to track how much itÌs really happening. So if this is all media hype and bullshit, prove it 🙂

It that’s right, this device could be for Local Free Messaging, which I think kids will love. Whether they’ll love it enough to want a separate device for it though, remains to be seen.

On the other hand, it could be a an electronic thumb for all we know.

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