History repeats

Captain Kendall made history when on July 22 1910 when he sent the first-ever wireless telegraph that resulted in the capture of a criminal. He sent it from the ship, The Montrose, from a point 120 miles out to sea, west of Cornwall, England, to the White Star Company in Liverpool, it read:

Have strong suspicion that Crippen London Cellar Murderer and accomplice are among saloon passengers. Mustache taken off growing beard. Accomplice dressed as boy. Voice manner and build undoubtedly a girl. Both traveling as Mr. and Master Robinson. Kendall.

This led to the subsequent capture, trial and hanging of the notorious murderer.

Not quite so dramatic, but as important in its own way, Textually reports that an arrest has been made using Location Tracking GPS:

State police used Global Positioning System technology embedded in a cell phone to track down and arrest a man suspected of making 1-800 obscene phone calls to 911 operators over the past two months, reports 1490WBEX.

“Raymond LaBelle, executive director of Rhode Island’s E-911, said the man sometimes called four to 10 times a day.

“He would call and use some dirty language and play a pornographic film in the background,” LaBelle said. “The telecommunications operator who took the call would have to listen to the grunting and groaning and whatever else that goes along with that entertainment.”

So think before you phone – you can be found.

Picture shows the infamous Dr Crippen being escorted off The Montrose. Thanks to The Crime Library for the info and pic.

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