Change This

I’ve been most remiss in failing to mention Seth Godin’s new initiative – Change This. I’m a great admirer of Seth and most of what he does and I think Change This is a worthy and interesting initiative – visionary even, but what would you expect?

The idea is that Change This is series of Manifesto’s written by a selection big names (eg Tom Peters, Seth himself, Scoble), not so big names and some with books to promote. The latter category is just as valid, incidentally, especially if they’re sharing a goodly part of the book free. The common element is that they all have a strong point of view, which is worth a lot in these days of fudge and sitting on the fence.

Tom Peters’ This I Believe is as brilliant as ever, especially if you haven’t come across his work and are a senior employee of Mega-Gigantic Corp. I confess it was a little disappointing for me, as he hasn’t really said very much that’s new (for him).

But with so much of the world still not getting the message, it’s still a great read.

There’s too many manifestos to cover in depth. Check them out.

But one I really liked is How to be a Boor by Elly Markson.

When I first went skiing, I took lessons, which seemed a good way of avoiding inflicting pain and death to myself and others. A pair of skis or a snow board on the wrong feet are lethal weapons.

So I was frankly amazed that you didn’t have to pass some simple exam before you were allowed a ski pass. Nothing heavy, just that you were basically competent.

I think the same applies to email – you need to understand the basic rules like NOT WRITING IN CAPS or passing virus warning hoaxes on to everyone in your address book. If you don’t know or don’t abide by these rules, your email licence should be removed and sharp objects inserted in painful places all over your body. Notice I’m not sitting on fences either 🙂

So, Elly’s manifesto should be required reading. Make your kids read it. Make those “Friends” who bombard you with bad jokes read it. And make those fools who send out virus warnings read it – no need for subtlety here, just send it to them.

And let’s make this digital world a better place.

Well done Seth and team.

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