Kodak Goes Mobile

Moco News reports that the Grand Daddy of photography, Kodak

has announced that it will offer a premium-content sport images service that will be able to be downloaded and saved as wallpaper on to mobile phones, in UK.

The French photo agency AFP will regularly supply the library with pictures from international competitions in a large number of sport categories÷This wallpaper premium service is available in the UK at a premium SMS rate of GBP 3.

I know they’re trying lots of new things, but it must be awful seeing your core photography business simply disappear to digital and phone camera. But you can’t hold back progress, so no point in trying.

Photo from brilliant The Daily Irrelevant.

Meanwhile Picture Phoning announces one of Bonus Print’s forays into digital.

They invite you to – let’s get this rather convoluted process right. Take a digital picture on your camera phone, get it onto your PC, then upload the image to them, then visit their WAP site to download the picture to your phone “in just a few clicks”.

Their bargain basement charge for this is GBP 3.90 per image.

In my view, this is hardly “the easiest and most convenient way ever”. as their site warbles.

The point of all this, in case you missed why you should be charged so much dosh, is to make the the pic fit your make and model of phone.

If you were clever enough to go through this process, I think you’d probably be able to cope with re-sizing yourself. And camera phones automatically resize to fit anyway.

A limited market, perhaps?

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